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In very critically monitored spaces like hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and research centers, the ability to deliver fluids in very small volumes at precisely programmed rates or automated intervals is desired. Such needs are fulfilled by a syringe infusion pump.


  1. An Introduction
  2. Maxwell HK-400:- One of a Kind
    2.1 Unique Features and Specifications
  3. Where to buy it?

1. An Introduction

A syringe pump efficiently draws out and manages the rate of flow of an IV fluid kept in a standard bag. This ensures accurate and precise delivery therapy. Syringe pumps can also perform with very low volumes; like in micro, nano and pico ranges; with precise delivery.

2. Maxwell HK-400:- One of a Kind

One of the easiest to use syringe pumps is the Maxwell HK-400 Portable pump.
It is one of those pumps that come with the added benefit of recording infusion history and unique intelligent self-recognition technology.

2.1 Unique Features and Specifications:-

A few specifications of the syringe pump are listed below:-

  1. It is applicable for syringes of 5,10,20,30,50 ml ranges.
  2. Compatibility with numerous brands of syringes
  3. Different infusion modes available to meet unique clinical requirement
  4. Presence of visual as well as audible alarms
  5. Easy operation technique and numeric key designs 
  6. A broad and colorful LCD screen 
  7. Real-time immediate display 
  8. Display the pressure dynamically, with three adjustable occlusion levels 
  9. Night mode installed in the syringe pump
  10. Double CPU installed that ensures safe infusion.

3. Where to buy it?

The Maxwell HK-400 syringe infusion pump can be availed at Medpick, an online medical equipment supply store in India that deals with healthcare equipment. To know more about the syringe pump, contact Medpick.

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