Hillrom Extended Care Solution

The Hillrom™ Extended Care Solution, part of the Hillrom Connected Care Platform, combines a clinical-grade, all-in-one vital signs device with a patient app and clinician review portal, so you can extend patient care beyond the walls of your facility. Help recovering and at-risk patients feel confident, connected, and comfortable, while allowing medical staff to get the critical information they need, quickly and accurately. Patients can capture their vital signs at home with the Welch Allyn® Spot Vital Signs® 4400 device, then their measurements will automatically transfer right to the Hillrom Connex App via Bluetooth. Clinicians can then access patient vitals on the web-based Hillrom Connex Clinical Portal to monitor patients for any signs of change. Help reduce your hospital’s patient load and patient exposure risk, while preserving critical protective gear. Get the vital signs data you need to make critical care decisions—from a distance. And because high-quality remote care has become an urgent priority, the FCC now offers eligible health care providers with funding support for necessary remote monitoring devices and services—including the Hillrom Extended Care Solution.


  • Seamlessly send vital signs measurements to the Hillrom Connex App with Bluetooth (BLE).
  • SureTemp Plus Oral / Axillary Thermometry
  • 7″ color touchscreen for a simple, user-friendly workflow.
  • 8-hour Lithium ion battery to maximize time before recharging
  • SureBP technology can provide BP in only 15 seconds
  • Easy to use Blood Pressure Average program
  • Nonin® SpO2 technology measures blood oxygen saturation
  • Each device ships with four FlexiPort® EcoCuff® single-patient blood pressure cuffs

Product Specifications

Product Shipping Weights and Dimensions
Height: 40.64 CM
Width: 38.1 CM
Depth: 20.32 CM
Weight: 4.08 KG
Connects to EMR? Yes