Ergonomic lifting with no loss of space

  • Independent transfer possible with Handi-Move® Body Support
  • Can be used with slings
  • The fastest ceiling motor
  • motor and rail systems make it possible to access all areas
  • optional wireless control
  • back-up control on the motor
  • emergency down and emergency stop within reach from the floor

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Ceiling hoist with lateral motor drive – living independently

If you have lost the ability to transfer manually but you still have a limited range of motion with adequate muscle tone, it may be possible for you to self-transfer with either the 2800 L or 2800 LRC track system. Go from your bed to wheel- chair, toilet or bath in silence with a soft stop and start motion. The motor, which operates on rechargeable batteries,has a lifting capacity up to 200 kg.

The LRC wireless infrared remote model gives you the ultimate control to send the motor away when not needed and summon it back when you are ready to go.

  • Independent use