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Known as the drug delivery devices, nebulizers are the machines that convert liquid medications into aerosols (or mist), i.e. suspension of liquid particles in a gas. This aerosol is further inhaled by the patient suffering from asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, etc. and delivered to the lungs directly.  There are two kinds:- the portable nebulizer and the tabletop nebulizer.

Tabletop nebulizers are heavy-weight, static and thus cannot be carried around. Moreover, they are wired devices, they need an electric outlet for operation. Whereas, a portable nebulizer can be carried around with ease and are lightweight devices. 

A portable nebulizer offers many benefits compared to tabletop nebulizers. One such example is the Breath free Flyp Nebulizer.

Breathe-free FLYP Nebulizer: Your takeaway apparatus for an asthma-friendly life

Flyp is the world’s very first HypersoniQ powered pocket nebulizer, that has helped liberating users from the obstructions of a simpler life for asthma and COPD patients. It is also the lightest and smallest nebulizer that has been cleared by the FDA for public application.

How does it stand out?

Not only is Flyp a nebulizer for kids, but it is also ideal for adults and old-aged people. How?

  1. Healthier:- Even after rigorous testing for three years, the product is adequate for safe use.
  2. Faster:- The average time required for treatment is less than or equal to just 7 minutes! How fast is that?
  3. Simpler:- It is a wireless system. Hence no tubes or control units come in the way of use.
  4. Quieter:- The nebulizer operates with a noise as loud as barely a whisper, due to the inbuilt HyperSoniQ Technology.
  5. Intuitive:- To make it user-friendly, Flyp has internal magnets that make the attachment of the HyperSonic cartridge an easy job.
  6. Ergonomic:- It has a medication reservoir of 6 ml volume, with an easy-opening seal.
  7. Powerful:- Flyp has a micro USB-charged internal battery that allows for a maximum of 15 treatment and cleaning cycles!

Did you know??

Flyp’s internal disk vibrates at ultrasonic speed, i.e. 2000 times faster than a hummingbird’s wings! This helps in creating a very fine aerosol of medication for easy intake.

Where to buy FLYP Nebulizer and why?

The Flyp smart nebulizer with a fine aesthetic look is smaller and lighter than a smartphone and has a warranty for 3 years. You can now buy nebulizer online at Medpick.

Medpick is an online medical equipment store, that deals with various medical equipment and supplies that hospitals and healthcare providers are in need of. With Medpick, you can avail of various offers too, including the Flyp nebulizer!

Flyp: A Conclusion

Designed with state-of-the-art construction and 3 years of warranty, Flyp guarantees better health without any obstructions. Now, 90% of the medications are securely delivered to your lungs!

Log on to Medpick today for a simpler nebulization experience!

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