SILBERMANN flowmeter is a back-pressure compensated for all type of inhalation therapy.
The flowmeter consists of a top cover made of clear transparent polycarbonate, a black glass flow indicator and a needle valve.
These yield an unbreakable, accurate and reliable flowmeters.

Our flowmeters can be connected either directly into the gas outlet or can be mounted on a hanging rail to the gas outlet via 1 meter plastic tubing and a probe.

  • Adult Model 0-15 LPM.
  • Nursery Model 0-7 LPM.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adult model flow rate: 0-15 LPM
  • Nursery model flow rate: 0-7 LPM
  • Both types with Oxygen DISS male outlet
  • Non-linear scale enabling a more clear & accurate operation in the working range
  • Different probes available
  • Reliable, accurate and easy to use
  • Non erasable laser engraved product info
  • Rail mounted flowmeter includes: 1 meter plastic medical tubing, universal clamp and probe

Technical Data:

  • Main Materials:
    – Body: Anodized Aluminum*
    – Cover: Transparent non breakable polycarbonate.
    – Messuring tube: Transparent non-breakable polycarbonate
    * Brass available on special request
silbermann 301