Finger prosthesis


The finger prosthesis are custom designed and hand made by a skilled artist using his own techniques in sculpting, and experience to imitate a living finger. To achieve this level of success, we need close contact with our clients, it is very important the physical presence and it can´t be done long distance. The first visit will last approximately 2 and a half hours as impressions, photos, and measurements will be taken in order to match the skin tone and nail shape. The prosthesis will have a matching finger print, veins, and freckles, and the client can expect its completion in about 90 days.

The finger prostheses can be attached in several ways and will probably vary from one case to another. The most frequent application method is suction: when placing the prosthesis over the stump a light vacuum is formed between the silicon and the skin, keeping the prosthesis in place without fear of loosening during daily use or when shaking hands with someone else. In case of total loss of the thumb, an articulating Titanium mechanism can be placed with an implant to recover the functionality of the hand. This mechanism is concealed with the aesthetic prosthesis.

The 5 Most Dangerous Jobs for Your Hands


  1. Metal Fabricators
  2. Loggers and Forestry Workers
  3. Commercial Fishing
  4. Sanitation Workers
  5. Cell Phone Tower and Lineman Workers