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It solidifies the spittle/liquid/vomit in sec to prevent germination of virus & bacteria. Its Temper proof , spill proof (can be used multiple times) and odour free, gives out fragrance. Made up of bio-degradable material.


Totally non-toxic, harmless and non polluting

The Portable spittoon that turns your spit into a semi-solid biodegradable waste within ten seconds, to avoid your germs from spreading, while converting your spit into a fertiliser that can enhance plant growth.


Disinfects Content

It solidifies the spittle/liquid/vomit and converts it into a material in 10 sec & don’t let the germs of dangerous diseases spread in air

Leak Proof

Its Temper proof , spill proof (can be used multiple times) and odour free, gives out fragrance

Eco- Friendly

Made up of bio-degradable material after complete use effectually it can be used as a hybrid fertiliser which will prevent water loss in soil to Increases seed sprouting and seedling development.

Want to Spit ? No
problem Spit here!

World’s First Spit Bin For public places Which fits beautifully in apartments public places or even on the terrace! They don’t create a mess, do not attract any rodents, flies or maggots, and absolutely no smell  with fragrance , making it the most easy and practical Green technology to combat the grave threat posed by Spitting.

Virtually Spill-Proof!

Portable disposable Spittoon Designed for spitting users for users, it’s safe and easy to conceal, giving you a discreet, convenient dip spit With this sleek look which also virtually eliminates spills and leaks re-usable, convenient, socially responsible place to deposit the refuse generatedGreat for everywhere you go – in the car, at the office, on business trips, to games, on vacations… etc. Great for: Hunting Fishing Camping Driving Travel Home Office Car Boa