The world’s 1st

Electric Suction Toothbrush

Electric suction toothbrush G100
presents a simple yet effective
oral care solution for the caregivers
and care-receivers who are unable to practice
oral hygiene by themselves,
due to the sickness, disability, or injury.

Suction rate  500ml/min(±25%)
Sonic vibration  14,000rpm(±20%)
Folding bottle  700ml

Have you ever imagined toothbrush
that can suck in every concern and agony in your mouth?

We have prepared smart electric toothbrush equipped with suction function for users who are having uncomfortable time with brushing.
We recommend you to experience G100, the electric suction toothbrush that has been completed upon bluereo’s unique technology and story.

Silent and Strong

Water Suction

With fast Water Suction function (500ml/minute),
it can remove the water in your mouth quickly and cleanly.

Soft Sonic Vibration

that is spreading out in your mouth

Sonic Vibration (14,000 times/minute) provides protection
for sensitive tooth gum and effective cleansing.

LED Light

that completes comfortable brushing

LED light attached on the brush head brightens up inside your mouth while brushing.


Content Spec
Model name Electric suction toothbrush G100
Manufacturer bluereo Inc.
Size / Weight 43X38X268mm / 200g
Color glossy ivory white
Sonic vibration 14,000rpm(±20%)
Suction rate 500ml/min(±25%)
Folding bottle 700ml
Battery rechargeable lithium ion 1.6Ah
Main body DC5V 1A
Adapter AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A
Manufacturing country Republic of Korea

Electric suction toothbrush


Electric suction toothbrush first in the world