eKuore Pro - Electronic Digital Stethoscope

The stethoscope that improves auscultation in the learning process

The electronic digital stethoscope Teaching Kit allows improving the learning process of residents and students of Medicine

Teaching Kit- Digital Stethoscope eKuore Pro

The eKuore Pro Teaching Kit is the perfect solution for Medical Professors and residents tutors during the auscultation process.

Using the Teaching Kit, yours students will improve the learning process by listening recordings of real cases and /or by listening live up to 6 people at a time without bothering the patient at all

What benefits has the Teaching kit of the electronic digital stethoscope eKuore Pro?

Practical clinical visit

Listen jointly (up to 6 people)

Real patient recordings

It improves understanding

Teacher in the classroom

Access to data base sounds of auscultations

Displays the phonogram of each pathology

It allows students to approach reality

Virtual classroom

Upload the audios to the virtual classroom

Several audio examples from a same pathology

Student from home

Listen as many times as you want

It improves academic performance

What does the eKuore Pro Teaching Kit allow you to do?

Record and edit the auscultation

Increase your database with your recorded auscultations and show it to your classroom.

Visualize the phonogram

Simulate auscultation and see the phonogram in each illness.

Share the auscultation

Share the auscultation sound and the phonogram with the students or residents.

Amplify the sound

The electronic stethoscope teaching kit allows choosing between 5 different volume levels.

Intherchangeable Chestpices

It´s possible to use it in different patient sizes just changing the chestpiece

Apply Heart and Lung Filters

Apply heart and lung filters