e-skin Sleep & Lounge

Happy living, safe living

Camera less remote monitoring for their independence and your peace of mind.

3 reasons for e-skin Sleep & Lounge

  • Extra comfortable
  • Remote monitoring
  • Sleep council

e-skin Sleep & Lounge: Pajamas & Loungewear

e-skin Sleep & Lounge offers the same comfort and casual design of regular pajamas and loungewear while also being able to analyze the wearer’s sleep condition, automatically adjusting the room environment accordingly. It also enables everyday monitoring of the wearer’s activity levels and can detect falls.

Sleep & Lounge Hub

The Sleep & Lounge Hub is especially small and light to ensure comfort in and out of bed. Fully charged, it provides 72 hours of continuous monitoring interchangeable between Pajama and Loungewear styles.

e skin Sleep Lounge

Solutions for the individual

products sleeplounge pict 72hours
72 hours of use
products sleeplounge pict bluetooth
products sleeplounge pict washable
Machine washable
products sleeplounge pict easy
Easy to operate
products sleeplounge pict alert
products sleeplounge scene 01

Alert for dangerous accidents

The alert recognizes dangerous trip and fall accidents and informs registered family members or caretakers.

products sleeplounge scene 02

Smart home connection

Connected to a smart home, e-skin Sleep & Lounge automatically adjusts the temperature of the air conditioner while sleeping. During the day, it provides proactive exercise advice via the smart home’s speaker if it detects low activity levels.

products sleeplounge scene 03


e-skin Sleep & Lounge

Type: Pajamas, Lounge wear
Size: S, M, L, XL (unisex)

Sleep & Lounge Hub

Size: about H56×W44×D12 mm
Weight: about 20g
Battery: Lithium polymer battery (3.7V 110mAh)
Hours of continuous use: about 72 hours(during measurement mode)
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
Connector: micro USB micro-B
Usable environment: Temperature 10℃~40℃ / Humidity 10%~90%
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
Coummunication distance: about 5m