Digital Microalbuminuria Estimation Device

The device SCINTIGLOTM, is a novel, smart point of care device that shall transform India by providing enhanced reliability and accuracy in clinical decisions yet affordable diagnostic support to the people.

The device would suffice the un-met need of the masses by providing accurate, reliable, convenient door-step yet economic urinary microalbumin estimation and help in bringing accuracy in clinical decision making for the early signs of kidney damage and many more diseases. The device shall be useful to the people in the remotest villages.


  • Unique as a NON STRIP BASED TEST DEVICE with Accuracy of more than 95%
  • Provides instant results within 2 – 3 seconds
  • Data Logging and 2 way communication is possible via an onboard bluetooth connectivity and a Smart phone application and online report generation,
  • Can be implemented for –
      • Pathology labs
      • Spot screening by Doctors,
      • Bedside monitoring in hospitals
      • At – Home monitoring
  • Printing facility by a thermal printer (accessory)
  • Stable reagent (Does not require refrigeration)