The best choice
for patients, families and
caregivers is the “care bidet”.

It is an automatic stool processor specially designed for the elderly or patients who can’t move freely .

“Care Bidet” provides a
comfortable and relaxing life as an eternal companion for patients and caregivers


Care Bidet uses proprietary proprietary patented technology to provide innovative solutions for
senior and patient care

Ergonomic design,
domestic and international certification,
mattress independent system.


Various certifications such as ‘optimal design’ for the user’s body type and safety of the product can
be used as it is.

Carefully to the invisible place !! Refreshing !! Comfortable,
your own toilet “care bidet”

We will help you stay healthy where you can’t see it.
Now use your own bathroom with a refreshing and comfortable ‘care bidet’ every day.

As an eternal companion of
patients and caregivers,
"Carebidet" will promise
a comfortable life..

The 'Automatic Toileting System'
is designed for the bedridden persons.
Developed with Curaco's proprietary technologies,
the device will benefit all users and patients with limited mobility