Cubii gives you the freedom to work
out while you sit with a good book,
watch your favorite show, or work at
your desk. You’ll be able to move a
little more without changing your

Cubii is designed to fit easily into your life, so you feel healthier, happier, and
more balanced.

Keep active wherever you sit

Fits easily into your life with compact size

Burn an average of 150 calories per hour

Set goals to workout at your pace

How It Works


Place the Cubii in front of your chair or sofa.


Adjust your resistance level.

Start pedaling and enjoy your workout.

Cubii   supports your health journey
Making wellness approachable for all ages, abilities, and lifestyles.

Designed with you in mind
Our innovative design is not only ergonomic, but fits beautifully in your life.

Work out without leaving home
Cubii allows you to work out at your place, at your pace.

Feel good and look good
It’s not always all about numbers; we’re here to help you get moving a little more.

Whisper quiet workouts
Enjoy your favorite show and stay productive at work without noise distraction.

Sleek, ergonomic design
Cubii is designed to fit you and your life, taking the stress out of working out.

Be comfortable
You can wear the footwear you feel most comfortable in, so say goodbye to locker rooms.

Made for all fitness levels
Wherever you are in your fitness journey, Cubii is adaptable to fit any level or skill.