COVID-19: How do we Keep our Medical Workers Safe?

While the forces of the novel coronavirus take a toll on the health and mortality rates of the citizens of India, the doctors and medical staff are working tirelessly day and night to ensure that the numbers of the affected remain low and the recovery rate increases.

But the continued lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) raises a huge question, Who is taking care of the safety of the healthcare fraternity?Sources reveal that due to this lack of safety equipment, doctors and other medical staff are forced to attend to the affected wearing raincoats and helmets, both of which do not provide a guarantee of protection against COVID-19. Ambulance Drivers in Uttar Pradesh have gone on a strike and doctors in Kolkata have been supplied with Plastic Raincoats. Such instances have concerned the healthcare providers that with such low-grade protection, they might turn up being the carriers for the pandemic, and not the lifesavers.

Being a Healthcare Company owned by a Doctor and helping hospitals make their medical equipment procurement process simpler, Medpick has initiated a Charity Campaign called the RAKSHA, which aims to donate 1 Million COVID-19 Supplies for Free to every hospital and healthcare provider across the country. A few of the country’s hospitals have placed their orders with the necessary quantities and have successfully received them. One of the hospitals benefiting from RAKSHA is the Hrudaya Hospital in Addanki, Ongole district, Andhra Pradesh.

The Hrudaya Hospital in Addanki was set up by Dr. Kutumba Rao who returned from North America with a vision of setting up a healthcare facility in his hometown. Established in 2015 they cater to local patients and also from nearby towns. During these tough times of the Pandemic, the Hrudaya Hospital had been actively taking part in the isolation and quarantining of the COVID-19 affected, but with limited resources and lack of personal safety of their physicians and health care professionals.

When the Hrudaya reached out to Medpick, requesting for 300 PPE kits through RAKSHA, Medpick ensured to deliver the requirements within one week from a manufacturer located in Hyderabad.

The Owner of the hospital, Dr. Kutumba Rao says,
“In times of difficulty, those who stand by us are considered to be our partners. Having reliable partners will be the most important part of our supply chain and if we lack that there is a disturbance to the healthcare delivery, eventually the patient suffers. We thank Medpick for staying with us and donating the PPE kits to our hospitals”.

Not just the Hrudaya, but various hospitals from Kolkata, Chennai, and Gurgaon among other few cities have placed their orders for coronavirus supplies through Medpick, be it Medical Gloves, Face Masks or PPE kits.

Medpick’s RAKSHA is striving it’s best to reach the hundreds and thousands of healthcare professionals Pan India and provide them with all the safety equipment to battle against the novel coronavirus. One can contribute to donating with RAKSHA for our Lifesavers at  or directly procure supplies from the Medpick COVID-19 Page and donate to any of the hospitals on the list. If you’re one of the healthcare providers in need of PPE kits, masks or gloves, or you know somebody who is, please contact us at or call us at +91-9790072534.