Saans: A neonatal CPAP device

Respiratory distress syndrome in resource constrained settings: A Problem

1.14 million babies die of respiratory distress yearly, yet the majority of these deaths are easily preventable by the application of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Even in a low-income country, a well-designed bubble CPAP improves survival by 24 to 65% (8). Unfortunately, a significant number of newborns and infants do not have access to this technology during transport nor is electricity and skilled manpower widely available at these care centers. ​

Currently, all neonatal transport CPAP machines (including bubble CPAPs) require electrical power or compressed gases to function – neither of which is easily available in low-resource settings.

Coeo Labs’ product Saans is designed to provide CPAP in resource-constrained settings by following key functions:

1. Multi-Power mode including manual

2. Minimum skill Needed, only 1 attended

3. Aligned with various transport mode in the India

4. User determined Oxygen + Air mixture

5. Passive humidification