Clium Cleaner:- A Step Towards Eradicating Oral Health Diseases

Oral Hygiene is the first step towards a completely healthy life. Most times, people suffer largely from oral diseases. The prime causes of oral diseases are poor diet and hygiene, trauma, stress, smoking, alcohol addiction, and overdose of illegal substances. These factors can also lead to other generalized diseases. Oral Appliances such as dentures and braces are the primary harbor for the breeding of toxic microorganisms. Oral microorganisms not only lead to general diseases such as pneumonia, gastroenteritis, and pleurisy; they’re also the cause for various oral diseases such as denture stomatitis, tooth decay, and periodontitis. A lack of oral hygiene management is also the cause of tooth plaque.

Introducing Clium Cleaner

It is an Oral Appliance Cleaner that helps you clean dental oral devices by ultrasonic waves and sterilize them by ultraviolet rays, and later on, conveniently store them.
Clium Cleaner uses optical measurement technology lends information of the microorganisms in a person’s mouth and allows us to check the level of contamination, using their exclusive mobile app.

Amazing Features:- 

  1. UV-Sterilized:- Ultraviolet rays of 270-280 nm are irradiated into the cleaner which successfully removes 99.9% of bacteria and other germs from the oral devices and reduces the chances of any diseases.
  2. Mobile App:- Its Easy-to-Use mobile app is equipped with a remote control function through which you can easily turn the cleaner off/on with the touch of a button. You can also record your user history in the app; therefore keeping track of your oral appliance cleanliness patterns.
  3. Sleek and attractive design:- Since the cleaner is made up of Stainless Steel, it grabs the eye for hygiene and high-quality surface treatment.
  4. Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaning:- Although it is small, It holds a cleaning power of 40-42 kHz. It adjusts its fine frequency and thoroughly cleans the residues and plaque from the devices.
  5. AI Speaker Connectivity:- Now, enjoy the fuller experience with connection to AI Speakers. One can turn on/off the Cleaner device with their voice. It is also equipped with an alarm that notifies the user during the start and end of the cleaning process.
  6. Portable, Lightweight and Compact Body:- It is easier to carry around everywhere you go, as it can be easily tucked away in your car, worktable or bag. Clean and manage your oral devices anywhere, anytime.

Why CLium?

The Clium Cleaner is a breakthrough dental hygiene Innovation mainly because of its three highlighted characteristics:-

  1. Simplified Control and Usage 
  2. Efficient Measurement of the Contamination Level. 
  3. State-of-the-art Cleaning Record and Oral Hygiene Maintenance

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