Chronic Kidney Disease Early Detection

CKD Early Detection Service helps insurers, providers and health systems increase compliance to critical testing, enabling early intervention while reducing costs.

Simply provide a list of patients that need testing, we take care of the rest.

Standardized Digital Wound Management

Chronic wounds cost the US healthcare system 50 billion dollars a year. In the UK the cost of chronic wounds equals that of cancer. The current pathway lacks standardization, making it hard for clinicians to take informed decisions.

Our CE-marked and FDA-registered product digitizes wound assessment. It reduces workload, thus cutting costs. It also helps support care decisions and track healing over time.

Urinary Tract Infection Test and Treat

Urinary Tract Infections are one of the most common causes of healthcare visits.

With our Test and Treat solution, patients can self-test at home and start treatment faster without seeing a physician.

This helps reduce avoidable appointments without compromising level of care.

Streamlining Prenatal Care

Pregnant women require urine testing throughout their pregnancy. Women can now reliably and conveniently test themselves at home.

Home-testing can assist in the early detection of possible complications in pregnancy, ensuring proper monitoring and peace of mind between visits.

Clinically-Validated Digital Urinalysis

Our products are as accurate as the standard lab-based analyzer.

They are CE-marked for sale in the EU. We have received 2 FDA 510(k) clearances and are in the process of obtaining additional ones.

Digitizing Established Diagnostics

We built our products around the established urinalysis dipstick, a tried and tested medical tool.

The dipstick measures 10 parameters, indicating a range of infections, chronic illnesses and pregnancy-related complications.

Accuracy Through Computer Vision

Many different smartphone cameras and infinite lighting conditions make accurate dipstick reading highly challenging.

However, our computer vision algorithms and unique calibration method make accurate testing as easy as taking a selfie.

User-Centered Design

We develop and test our products with the user in mind, allowing anyone to easily conduct the urinalysis test like a trained professional.

Integration Into Clinical Flow

Our apps integrate seamlessly into the clinical process. They guide the user through the testing process step-by-step, and automatically send the results to the patient’s electronic medical record for clinical follow-up.