Catheter Leg Bag
Medical Underwear

Revolutionary Undergarment
System for Catheters

Introducing CathWear’s Newest Catheter Leg Bag Medical Underwear

Compatible with Suprapubic, Foley, Nephrostomy, Biliary Catheters Leg Bags

We understand the person using a catheter leg bag that you help care for may not feel confident right now. Let CathWear, the all-in-one medical undergarment for catheter leg bag users, show you how to restore the patient’s confidence. The CathWear medical undergarment offers you and your loved one a supportive hand so the catheter leg bag user can claim their full independence. Our patented underwear both secures and conceals the tubing and leg bags so the tubing won’t get kinked, caught on something, pulled on or the leg bags to begin sliding up and down the leg. It aims to do what you do, present the best solution to the people in their care.

CathWear Replaces Your Regular Underwear


CathWear’s Catheter Undergarment system is an all-in-one catheter management system built into a comfortable, high-quality underwear. CathWear replaces your regular underwear.

CathWear is compatible with the following catheter setups:

Suprapubic Catheters
Foley Catheters
Nephrostomy Catheters
Biliary Catheters

CathWear is able to support up to 2 of your preferred leg bags at the same time.

Available in the following sizes for both females and males:

Small / Medium / Large / X Large / 2X Large

Able to support leg bags up to 600ML (20 ounces)