Changing the way you breathe.

New Generation Smart Mesh Nebulizer

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New Generation Smart Mesh Nebulizer

The most efficient and easy to use nebulizer in the market.

Super Silent Effect

Working noise less than 35dB. Automatically shutdown when no liquid detected


Embedded lithium battery with USB charging.

One-Button Operation

Simple and easy to use for all consumers.

Powerful & Portable

4-hour-long nebulization. Pocket size, easy to carry around

Original I.A.D Technology*


Using our patented IAD technology, we created a smart respiratory sensor to realize “Respiration Monitoring”, which allows the nebulizer to atomize medicine while inhaling, and stop atomizing while exhaling. No cough feeling anymore!

World Debut! Adjustable Nebulization Rate

World’s first personalized nebulization available!

We make it possible for patients to use our App to adjust the nebulization rate and choose the best model and treatment for themselves.

Ultrafine Particles


Thanks to our patented ‘Vibration Mesh Technology’, 80% of particles generated by our nebulizer are smaller than 5µm, with a MMAD of only 2.2µm, which makes it possible for particles to reach the lower respiratory tract and alveolar. Thus, less dosage time with better efficiency is realized!