Breath Research is an innovative healthcare company with a mission to improve healthy living through affordable tracking and early detection of respiratory ailments and diseases. Our respiratory research has resulted in the authoring of seven innovative patents and has allowed us to develop a modern portable spirometer. By converting the airwaves from your breathing into sound waves in conjunction with measuring lung flow volumes, we have the ability to leverage acoustic analytics and artificial intelligence coupled with machine learning to provide profound data insights to detect anomalies and manage your respiratory health. Our solution can be either standalone or integrated into other respiratory devices and equipment, allowing considerable versatility with regard to how healthcare professionals and providers leverage the data.

Our Early Detection & Tracking Platform

Combining clinical spirometry and lung sound analysis in an affordable low cost and connected device and service.

Clinical Spirometry & Lung Sound Measurements

Real Time Lung Health Information

Clinical Decision Support

Keeping You Healthy & Reducing Healthcare Costs

With the advances in mobile device technology and the recent adoption of remote patient monitoring, our goal is to relieve the burden of respiratory disease on patients, families and healthcare systems.