Our BioScoop™ Biopsy System with integrated BxSeal™ technology for hemostasis, represents a new approach to percutaneous needle biopsy. The System will enable physicians to achieve safer and definitive tissue capture using advanced needle-tissue characterisation and automated control.

Key Features of Invention:

1. Increasing Procedural Functionality:

  • BioScoop™ technology invented for reduced physician effort and skill
  • Automatic tissue capture mechanism for ease of use

2. Enhancing Procedural Safety:

  • Exclusive BxSeal™ system, minimizing hemorrhaging for Patient Safety
  • Automated, contamination-free sample handling for Procedural Safety

3. Improving Accuracy of Diagnosis:

  • Pre-calibrated mechanism for counteracting variation in tissue types
  • Clean distal-end cutting action prevents sample fragmentation
  • Automated tissue capture ensures consistent samples

4. Enabling Cost-effective Diagnosis:

  • Affordable results for both patients and healthcare providers


The invention comprises a method that significantly improves on the technique of aspiration needle biopsy as well as a device that automates the entire biopsy procedure while improving the tissue sample size.

  • Novel dual-function needle tip design with 3 distinct cutting edges
  • Integrated piercing and cutting in a single insertion
  • New electro-mechanical device configuration for on-demand soft-tissue resection
  • Organ- and disease-specific tissue characterization
  • Control logic automation for physician-selectable method of biopsy
  • Automated (touch-less) tissue resection, transfer and storage
  • Platform technology scalable to other soft-tissue organ biopsy