Binocular Autorefractors


To provide a baseline refraction in the context of an entry exam
Plusoptix A16 measurement

The purpose of a Plusoptix Binocular autorefractor is to provide a baseline refraction in the context of an entry exam, to identify false-positive referrals. Plusoptix autorefractors use the measuring principle of the transillumination test. This measuring principle avoids glare of the patient by using infrared light. The pupils remain large even without dilation.

If a cycloplegic retinoscopy is required, the baseline refraction provides a valuable starting point for myopia, astigmatism and axis measurements. Performing a cycloplegic retinoscopy with these measurements at hand is quick and easy, thus saving precious chair time.

Outstanding accuracy

A Plusoptix measurement has accuracy that is comparable to retinoscopy without dilation. To determine if accommodation is present, do a quick, second check, using +3 diopter lenses. Ask us for more information.

Plusoptix A12C result page measurement values 1
Plusoptix A12 result page camera image cataract enlarged
Pupil zoom for enhanced transillumination

Cataracts or abnormal retinal reflexes can be evident on the screen. Zoom in to better evaluate media opacities and normal reflex.

plusoptiX A16 – Binocular autorefractor

Designed for stationary use in one exam or pretest room.

  • Connected to power outlet
    It is always operational and can’t “disappear” or be misplaced easily.

  • Internal patient database
    Storing up to 100,000 records with the possibility to upload scheduled patients’ preliminary information.

  • CSV interface for full integration to your EMR system
    For full integration to your EMR system. Allows automated patient data import/export and measurement report printing.

  • DVI monitor interface
    Allowing connection to a monitor for presentation to the patient.

  • Documentation options
    Measurement results can be documented electronically or on paper.

  • Free software updates and Plusoptix hassle-free warranty
    Coverage includes dropping the device. Europe and US only

Plusoptix A16 front view with ball