B – Shoe

B-Shoe (short for: Balancing Shoes) is a conventional walking shoe that automatically performs a “backward step” accurately and only when needed.

The shoe incorporates pressure sensors, an embedded integrated motion device, a microprocessor, smart algorithms and a rechargeable battery.

When imbalance is detected, the motion device rolls the shoe slightly and gently backward until balance is regained. The smart algorithms assure early detection of imbalance and that the shoe will only operate when needed.

B-Shoe is patent protected.

B-Shoe – The wearable (IoT) solution that keeps you from falling

B-Shoe combines:
  • Sensors for alerting about imminent fall (or a fall that already occurred)
  • Storage: Data collection & storage (for purposes of research and improving care)
  • Analysis: Big Data analytics
B-Shoe therefore allows for:
  • Better safety, stability freedome of mobility and balance
  • Better home care for elderly or disabled people
  • Better adherence to care and therapy (allowing people to stay independent and take an active role in their own care)
  • Connectivity between patient & caregiver (doctors, family members, emergency first responders)
  • Big Data collection & analytics (for research and improvement of care)

For a full explanation of how the B-Shoe works and how it prevents falls please check this video: