Ava Fertility Tracker

Whether you’re struggling to conceive or just starting on the journey to conception, Ava helps you achieve your baby goals faster than other methods.

Properly timing intercourse can double a woman’s chances of conception,1 but as many as 75% of couples get that timing wrong.2 Why? Because the fertile window is more than ovulation day. It’s also the 5 days leading up to it, with peak fertility 2 to 3 days before ovulation.

Ava is clinically proven to identify your unique 5-day fertile window as it’s happening—letting you know when you’re ready to conceive up to 4 days earlier than LH tests, and with 50% more precision than the calendar method used by typical period-tracker apps.3

Go beyond ovulation. Take control of your cycle and make every fertile day count.

Syncs with iPhone and Android. Tested for cycles of 24 to 35 days. Not tested for PCOS.