Reduce the physical burden
and improve work performance

archelis can significantly reduce fatigue of doctors caused by long hours of surgery by supporting their standing posture. Also, it can stablize the trunk and maximize performance by distributing body weight and supporting it with shins and thighs.


1. Freely walk and sit anywhere you want

Thanks to a wearable type and its structure separated into right and left, it enables to repeat “walking” and “sitting” freely with wearing it.


2. No power supply needed

No power supply is used, so there is no radio wave interference with other medical devices and no need for charging. It can be used any time without any concern.


3. Easy to wear

It can be used immediately just by fastening three belts on foot, shin and thigh on each leg by yourself.

Adjust your heel to the device
and fix your foot with a belt

Fix your shin with a belt

Fix your thigh with a belt

Product Specifications

Product Name: archelis
Product code: ar-001
Wearable Height: 160cm – 185cm
Max. Load Weight: 80kg
Dimensions (one leg): 17.5cm× 28cm× 78.5cm
Weight (one leg): 3.2kg

​Optional parts​