Remote Diagnostic Kit focus on reducing the Malnutrition and Non-Communicable Disease rates. Remote Diagnostic Kit is an easy to use and portable diagnostic kit which enables screening and monitoring at the sub center level. This kit enables Remote Diagnostic Kit/ASHA/Aanganwadi worker to use it with minimal training.

This kit includes the following tests:

  • Non-invasive haemoglobinometer

  • Routine urinalysis

  • Blood sugar

  • Weight,Height,MUAC

  • Blood pressure

  • Oxygen Saturation

  • Pulse and Temperature

  • Foetal Heart Rate

  • Rapid Diagnostic Kits for Pregnancy, Malaria, Typhoid and Chikungunya and STDs.


  • Non-invasive anaemia screening tool (ToucHb)

  • Urine analyser (Uchek)

  • Blood pressure machine

  • SpO2 probe

  • Temperature probe

  • Blood glucose monitoring device (SYNC)

  • RDT kits


Condition of anaemia without drawing blood, can be checked by identifying the presence of pallor in conjunctiva, tongue and nail bed. However, the tongue pallor can be affected by oral hygiene.

Perfusion, which determines the flow of blood to the extremities, also affects the color in the nail bed. The conjunctiva pallor is a reliable factor to detect anaemia.

The ToucHb device captures the picture of conjunctiva and uses the method of reflectance photometry to estimate the haemoglobin content in blood in grams per decilitre.