The binocular pupillometer for emergency medicine

The Plusoptix anisometer is a binocular pupillometer for emergency physicians, which can record important pupil measurements for the admission of an emergency patient in a matter of seconds. The high-resolution camera image of the pupils and the recorded measurement values can be saved as a measurement report for later evaluation.

Plusoptix Pupillometer Anisometer

Automatic measurement and measurement result within seconds

The anisometer automatically takes a picture of both eyes from a distance of 1 meter and determines the pupil diameter, the pupil brightness and the direction of view in a matter of seconds. The asymmetry of the viewing direction, the pupil distance and the head tilt are calculated from these measured values. Since both eyes are measured at the same time, the measured values of the left and right eye can be compared with each other and side differences can be objectively recognized.
In contrast to a conventional pupillometer, the Plusoptix anisometer focuses on the side comparison of the right and left eye and not the absolute measurement value of an eye.

Plusoptix Pupillometer Anisometer 1
Plusoptix Pupillometer Anisometer 2

Innovative pupil zoom function

Tap on the camera image to enlarge the pupils. This enables you to examine the pupils more precisely for size differences, visible media opacities and abnormal reflexes (Brückner or red reflex test).