AIRPROM air cleaning mask is ergonomically designed to
fit perfectly to the shape of the face and is comfortable.

A new type of mask that never existed before

Ergonomic design of AIRPROM air cleaning mask ensures close contact with the face and boasts comfortable fit and powerful effect. It is a product equipped with a high-performance motor and filter that are invisible when worn. Due to that design, it can be worn in everyday life without difficulty.

In addition, the ultra-light weight of 148g minimizes neck fatigue, and it is comfortable to wear for a long time because it does not irritate the skin bythe use of neoprene strap.

AIRPROM air cleaning mask
AIRPROM air cleaning mask 2
AIRPROM air cleaning mask 3

The ergonomic design allows for perfect fit and size adjustment without any gap,
so both men and women can wear
Clean and simple design can be worn without problems in everyday life

AIRPROM product composition

AIRPROM air cleaning mask 7

More economical
AIRPROM’s special features

Filter can be used for 1 month

When replacing the filter, it can be used for an average of one month, and it has better performance than the disposable mask or the washable mask, and it is economical and convenient.

Permanent use

AIRPROM mask can be used permanently by replacing the filter. Cost of use is more reasonable for long-term use.

Patented technology
AIRPROM Air Cleaning Mask

The wearable air cleaning mask is a product that can be perfectly adhered to the shape of the face unlike conventional yellow dust masks, completely blocks harmful substances, and makes comfortable breathing possible with its powerful fan motor.

AIRPROM mask is the Daehyunentec’s unique air cleaning mask which compensates the disadvantages of difficulty in breathing as the particle removal rate increases.

AIRPROM air cleaning mask 8