The World’s Best Smart Air Pollution Mask

Do we really know what we are breathing?

We take on average 20,000 breaths every day!

Air pollution is the plague of our time.

Insane! Normal breathing in London was equivalent to smoking 9 cigarettes.

Quite scary to learn that air pollution
kills more than 40,000 people
in the UK every year, including 9,000
in London alone!

Time to act and look for adequate solutions!

WELL DONE! to the 54,000 cyclists and more than 350,000 people who commute on foot, making central London a cleaner and safer place.

By 2019, there will be more people cycling than driving. It is unfair to see them so exposed to air pollution! These everyday heroes spend more time behind idling vehicles than anyone else.

More surprisingly, only 6% of daily cycling commuters wear an air pollution mask in London – but that will change with AirBliss+®!

So why do people struggle to protect themselves?

Poor fit

Difficult to breathe

Too warm & humid

Not cool

Difficult to clean

Not smart nor safe

Are you…

…tired of exhausting effort to inhale across the filter?
irritated by heat and moisture inside the mask?
…fed up with funny marks on your face after a long ride?
…unhappy about taking off the mask when answering calls or speaking to people?
…worried without enabled night vision & accident alarm notifying your loved ones?
…unsure about quality of the air you are breathing and need real-time ambient measures?


Our No.1 Priority is to eliminate these factors causing terrible user experience!

AirBliss+® brings air pollution masks into the 21st century!


  • Inhale across the filter like you don’t wear a mask with the breakthrough BreatheEase™ System
  • No Inward leakage of bad air or sore skin with the innovative Sealing System
  • Reduced heat and Humidity in the inner space of the mask
  • Easy-to-buckle and adjustable harness that does not tangle with your hair

Smart & Safe

  • Your essential safe and smart anti-pollution commute companion
  • You can navigate in polluted area with the crowdsourced pollution map
  • You are rewarded for making your city a better