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Introducing the C-Arm Machine:-

A secure and high-end quality image is a significant part of the efficient diagnosis of ailments, which helps to reduce unnecessary procedures.
One such is the C-Arm X-ray machine.

The C-Arm X-Ray Machine:- An introduction

It is an imaging scanner intensifier or a medical imaging device that is based on x-ray and is extensively used at pain centers, ER, hospitals, nursing homes, and other organizations. The equipment dispenses high-resolution X-ray images in a very short span of time. This allows the doctors to monitor the progress of the ailment and deliver corrections instantly if required.

Why called C-arm?

The name behind the equipment comes from the C-shaped arm that links the X-ray source with the X-Ray detector. 
First launched in 1955, the C-Arm machines have evolved every year. Now, the C-Arm machines usually have radiographic capacity but are mainly used for fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging in times of emergency care procedures.

Types of C-Arm machines

C-Arm machines are of various types depending on their sizes.

  1. Mini C-Arms:- It has a 4” by 6” image intensifier. Since the machine is prominently used in clinics for the medication in sports, pediatrics, and orthopedics, it is mostly used to detect extreme conditions of hands, feet, elbows, knees as well as shoulders. Because of this, it is very helpful to perform studies during external reduction and for fracture fixing; because bone alignment can be studied without direct instrument usage in a short time.
  2. Compact C-Arms:- It is bigger in size than the mini C-Arm, but a little smaller than the full-size C-Arm machine. It comes both in a one-piece form or two-piece form. The Compact C-Arm has efficient mobility.
  3. Super C C-Arms:- It is one such machine that provides more space from the middle of the C-Arm to the outer edge. Space is about 33 inches and it helps to accommodate obese patients.
  4. Full- size C-Arm Machine:- This is the most demanded type of C-Arm Machines. This is because all kinds of procedures can be processed. The space between the tube and the image intensifier is 26 inches and that is large enough for both the patient and the table to be fit in together. It contains a 6” by 9” image intensifier; and a surplus 12” image intensifier which is significant for cardiology. The C-Arm machine is apt for swallow tests, spine study as well as torso study, cardiology studies, pain management issues, and surgery.

Since full-size C-Arm Machines are most popular, let’s look into the brands in which it comes. Some of them are GE Healthcare/OEC, Philips, Siemens, etc.

GE OEC 9900 Full-size C-Arm machine

The superior leader in mobile C-arm imaging has been GE Healthcare/OEC for three decades. This full-size C-Arm machine is designed in a way that it can deliver excellent clinical images, in both simple as well as complex imaging situations; in a rapid and easy positioning technique.


  1. High definition monitor
  2. Smart-Metal distortion control
  3. DRM (Dynamic Range Management) technology (patented):- To increase handheld PIT(Precision Imaging Technology)
  4. SmartView Pivot Joint:- No matter how the angle of imaging is, it is easy to capture lateral views
  5. Optimized image profiles for bones and tissues


  1. Workflow and productivity is improved; as the appliance has been termed easy-to-use due to the easy software design and intuitive design interface. 
  2. A dual control mainframe gives easy access for fast operation. 
  3. Dose management is optimizable.
  4. Excellent image quality on the first image itself. Hence no need for retakes, which ultimately saves time. 
  5. Unique battery buffer technology that allows the performance of very long procedures
  6. Active cooling and heat monitoring indicators manage flawless performance. 
  7. Due to the C-arc, there is enough patient access for pain management and cardiovascular processes. 
  8. Maximizes working time.

The technology behind C-Arm

  1. MTS (Motion Tolerant Subtraction) technology provides vascular images, previously not available on a mobile platform. 
  2. With just a single injection and a single run, the complete test can be run. 
  3. The OEC 9900 machine has an innovative X-Ray tube and a rapid cooling system that captures full-resolution images for a very long duration. 
  4. HD flat panel monitors attached to it allow the visual of the high profile and precise images with clarity.
  5. Remote sensing connectivity is available that enables it to have system performance diagnostics. 
  6. It captures 1k x 1k high-resolution images that can be viewed also in mobile screens. 
  7. It has a simple user interface that allows its users to be easy, thus saving procedure time.

Why OEC 9900 Full-Size C-Arm Machine?

Apart from getting high profile images at one go, the OEC 9900 Full-Size C-Arm X-Ray machine adds preciseness to the surgical imaging procedures for orthopedics and spinal surgeries. The full-size C-Arm X-Ray machine can now be availed at Medpick.

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