10 tips to remember while buying medical equipment for your nursing home or polyclinic

Now, more than ever, healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are opting for a self-serve business model, where they can purchase what they want and when they want, in a seamless, contact-less way by sourcing products online. Choosing to buy medical equipment online can be a huge timesaver and can make your life at work so much easier. Previously, the only way to purchase medical equipment was through brick-and-mortar stores that required time-consuming visits to dealers and suppliers, as well as laborious negotiations. Purchasing the right medical equipment and devices is important, and before investing in any type of device, there are several things that need to be considered

1. Make a List

Make a comprehensive list of everything you need to set up your healthcare facility, starting from medical equipment to hospital furniture and disposable products. The list you compiled should be well prioritized with major hospital categories such as Furniture, Imaging equipment, Patient Monitoring Equipment, Surgicals, etc. topping it.

2. Opt for a One-Stop-Shop

Either you procure each piece of equipment from different suppliers or choose one store that sources everything for you to buy medical equipment online at a single platform. Procuring your equipment and devices from an integrated one-stop equipment provider can help you save both time and revenue and ultimately invest in quality patient care.

3. Pre-Prep your Inventory

Don’t wait until the month of the establishment to start sourcing equipment for your facility. Sometimes product deliveries take up to a week depending on your facility’s geographic location. Scouting for the right equipment may prove to be a cumbersome process, with a few supplies out of stock until another few weeks.

4. Request for Bulk Pricings

There are a few equipment providers that offer discounted prices on bulk purchases of medical supplies. If discounted pricing is not on the deal, they offer services such as free shipping or delivery, or an extended warranty, among other things

5. Request special delivery needs

If you have repeat orders for specific periods of time, say every one month or two, Online platforms following a GPO-based model helps you connect directly with medical device manufacturers and place confirmed regular orders for an infinite period.

6. Opt for Used & Refurbished Equipment

If your facility is small or medium-sized, minimize capital investment costs by switching to affordable buying. Opt for As-is, used, or refurbished medical point-of-care devices that are available at affordable prices. You can enjoy the benefits of a quick Return on Investment (ROI) by choosing safe, durable, and well-maintained used & refurbished products from an online medical supply platform specifically dealing with refurbished collections.

7. Consider long-term equipment maintenance costs

The stress doesn’t merely end at procuring equipment required at your hospital. Proper maintenance of the devices is equally significant to minimize the number of dysfunctional equipment and incur new equipment procurement costs.

8. Keep a Track of Expenses

Manual maintaining a list of every order placed is both clumsy and burdensome. The availability of a digital application while buying supplies for your hospital makes it easy to track and manage order history

9. Manage Inventory quick and smart

You’ve opened a healthcare facility, and there has been an ample inflow of patients. An accurate tabulation of hospital equipment inventory at various departments of your organization is necessary to reduce management stress for healthcare providers.

10. Grab Special Offers and Deals

Occasional offers such as festive deals, new additions, etc., are the best time to save thousands of dollars on your purchases when you buy medical equipment online. A trusted online medical store will be constantly sending you emails and messages to keep you updated on such offers.

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